Total Product Management will help you focus on your core competencies.

With DGL managing everything from procurement to customer delivery it becomes easier to spend more time on building the business and focusing on the future strategy. Managing back end operations can eat up precious time that would have been spent developing new ideas, marketing, and strengthening customer relationships: factors that are crucial for long-term success.

Get a Competitive Advantage with Expert Product & Supply Chain Management

Utilising DGL’s resources provides you with access to facilities, knowledge, and capabilities that were initially inaccessible or unaffordable. You then get the chance to leverage on these resources to help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Total Product Management reduces overall costs

Usually, expenses associated with inventory, storage, sampling, overheads, and staffing can pile up and cause a financial strain. However, when you work with DGL, these costs can be reduced significantly. DGL will streamline your operations and establish the most cost-effective plan that can reduce the costs associated with performing specific functions. Some of the new changes may include better inventory management and transport optimisation. In the end, the business will have more cash for investments.

Ensure you meet customer demand

DGL can take on the responsibility of directly supplying products as demanded by your customers. DGL can also take responsibility for raw material planning and procurement to meet production schedules. When these responsibilities are offloaded, the business will have more time to spend on growth and building brand equity.

Increase flexibility and adaptability

DGL also allows your business to adapt quickly to the changes in demand. When you utilise DGL, you can expand or downsize faster without having to worry about increasing your labour force. Increased flexibility is especially needed in today’s uncertain economies.

Reduce your overhead and cashflow requirements

Outsourcing a company’s logistical needs reduces labour risks and the financial risk of an investment in equipment, property, transportation and waste disposal. When used for procurement, DGL can also assist your company by providing additional cash flow by purchasing and holding your products until they are required. 

Increase Your Capabilities and Extend Your Resources

Your company may be limited in resources and tools. However, DGL can bring extra capabilities, solutions, and expertise beyond the scope of the business. Your organisation will then get a chance to utilise these excellent tools to increase productivity and efficiency. DGL has many industry connections that you can leverage on to save on cost and to improve your capabilities. If your business is currently limited, due to a single warehouse location, DGL can provide an immediate international footprint.

Leverage Quality Accreditation 

Because DGL is an ISO 9001 accredited company, if you fully utilise our services your company can legitimately claim ISO 9001 processes when tendering for large contracts or supply agreements.

Resource Recovery and Waste Disposal

DGL offers innovative waste management solutions to intractable waste problems often with the end goal of identifying commercially viable resource recovery options.