About DGL Group

DGL Corporation is a diversified industrial group of companies operating across Australia and New Zealand, as well as internationally.

Your Partner for Chemical Manufacturing, Warehouse & Distribution and Environmental Solutions

our Story

DGL Group is an integrated industrial company founded by Simon Henry, a New Zealand based businessman. Since its inception, through the acquisition of numerous companies starting with Chempro Logistics in the 1990s, DGL Group has been able to establish a diverse group of businesses built around a strong asset based balance sheet.

Our Vision

We continue to build a diverse international business capable of delivering total product management solutions.

In doing so, we are continuously looking for ways to improve these processes, identifying challenges, determining key solutions and measuring the results.


We respect the collaboration of our partners, thereby reducing the risk of assumptions while staying focussed on a shared vision.

Because we have respect for quality, DGL continually grows the expertise of our employees through education and training.

We respect the importance of ethical practice. We value the rich social and cultural diversity of our communities and understand the people who provide and use our services have different experiences, needs and aspirations.