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DGL Shanghai

We would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the contribution to the DGL Group made by our DGL Shanghai office. Establishing our own office in Shanghai has been essential in increasing our diversity and extending our global reach into the Asian market.

Shanghai continues to play a very important role in our AdBlue business, not only through handling the procurement of relevant chemicals but also by assisting with the purchase of equipment such as large AdBlue tanks and pumping and flow meter solutions designed specifically for AdBlue and diesel exhaust fluids.

As we roll out the Total Product Management philosophy, having people on the ground is a big advantage to us, and the Shanghai office is once again playing a critical role.  The Shanghai office has been key in securing quality chemicals at the right price on behalf of our clients.  The Shanghai team have also been able to assist with storage, logistics and formulation of products and most importantly they perform pre-shipment inspections to ensure products are meeting specifications prior to shipment.