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In the last 12 months, DGL Manufacturing has doubled its specialised coagulant and flocculant sales due to a newly developed test kit that DGL has been issuing free of charge to water treatment professionals who are involved in treating industrial waste waters.

The rapid test method was originally developed for liquid waste treatment facilities that used the Hardman Alchlor and Multifloc system to treat a wide range of liquid waste streams.  In these plants, the test enabled operators to respond to the frequent change in water types by performing rapid tests on incoming batches. The kit contained sample size bottles and jars of the most popular range of Hardman Water Treatment products as well as the basic equipment and instructions required to perform rapid screening tests. The kit is provided free of charge upon request to companies within the water treatment industry that are directly involved in the treatment of wastewater.

Paul Stainsby, Sales and Marketing Manager for DGL Manufacturing, said, “The demand for these kits has exceeded our expectations proving extremely popular with engineers in the field by providing a quick and easy way to identify the best coagulants and flocculants for almost any type of waste water.”

If you are a water treatment specialist and would like to order a test kit please contact DGL Manufacturing by emailing